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Halo MCC Contacting Server to Get the Latest Matchmaking Data

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Contacting Server to Get the Latest Matchmaking Data. Please Wait’ is an error that usually occurs in Halo MCC (The Master Chief Collection). The error commonly occurs when you are playing the game with your friends and try to invite them through the game, not through steam.

According to some sources, contacting the server is not only caused by trying to invite your friend to play together, but the error is also caused by a bunch of factors. If you face this same issue, you may be looking for a way to fix it. Then, how to fix the contacting server error? Let’s find out the guide to fixing the error below!

Halo MCC Contacting Server to Get the Latest Matchmaking Data

How to Fix ‘Contacting Server’ Error in Halo MCC?

A thread in the Steam Community discussed the ‘Contacting Server’ error in Halo MCC. A member explained the issue when he was playing with some friends and tried to invite them through the game. Surprisingly! He got a pop up error message that says ‘Contacting Server to Get Latest Matchmaking Data’.

Another member gave him a solution: when you face the contacting server error, you may need to create a lobby. Then, you can left-click your name in the top right and choose the ‘Find Player’ option. After that, you can look for their gamertag and invite them. Well, the other players also need to be in the game waiting for the invite. He said that he successfully fixed the problem after doing some steps below.

If the way from a forum thread cannot solve your issue, you can try to perform some possible solutions that we got from some sources. Here are they:

Solution 1: Update your OS to the latest

The ‘Contacting Server’ error may be caused by your outdated device OS. If so, it may be able to conflict with the updated Halo MCC modules. Sure, what you should do is to update your device OS to the latest build.

    • To update your device OS, you can click ‘Windows’ and then look for ‘Check for Updates’.
    • You can now open the System Settings of ‘Check for Updates’.
    • Then, click on ‘Check for Updates’ in the Windows Update. If you find some updates available, you can download and install the Window updates. If you use Windows 7, you need to install SP3.
    • Last, you need to reboot your PC. After reboot, you can then check if the Halo MCC is clear of the contacting server issue.

Solution 2: Update the Halo MCC from the MS Store

Make sure to always update the Halo MCC through the Microsoft store. To update it, you can click ‘Windows’. Then, open Microsoft Store. Type ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection’ in the search box and open the result. Last, you may need to check if an update of the game is available. If it is available, you can then update the Halo MCC and restart your computer.

Solution 3: Re-Log into Halo MCC again

It is said that ‘contacting server’ error could be the result of a temporary communication glitch between the servers and the game. Relogging into the Halo MCC may solve your issue.

To re-login to the game, you have to click the ‘Gamertag’ and choose ‘Change Profile’ near the top of the Halo MCC. Now, you can login with your Halo Credentials and check if the Halo MCC is working fine again.

Another alternative, if you log out of the game is not working, you can close Halo MCC. Then, click the ‘Windows’ button. Now, you can search and open the Xbox Game Bar. You can then click on the Settings in the Game Bar and go to the ‘Accounts’ tab.

You can then click ‘Sign Out’ and confirm to sign out. Ensure to sign out of the Halo MCC linked accounts as well. Last, relaunch the Halo MCC with your credentials to log in, and then check if the game is working fine.

Solution 4: Remove the Login Credentials from the Credential Manager

Another solution you can do is to remove your login credentials from credential manager. To do so, you can exit the Halo MCC and hit the ‘Windows’ key on your keyboard. You can now search and open Credential Manager.

Go to the Windows Credentials tab. Choose XBL/ DeviceKey in the General Credential. Then, click the ‘Remove’ button and confirm to remove the entry. Last, you need to relaunch the Halo MCC and log into the game with your credentials to check if the  contacting server error is successfully resolved.

Solution 5: Remove the proxy from your system settings

If your system is configured to use a proxy to connect to the Internet, of course the proxy will hinder trying to communicate with servers. To remove the proxy from your system settings, you can click Windows and open Proxy Settings.

You can then turn off the proxy of Use Setup Script and Use a Proxy Server.  After that, you can restart your system settings. After restarting, you can launch Halo MCC and check if the contacting server issue has been solved.

What Causes the ‘Contacting Server’ Error in Halo MCC?

There are some diagnoses that refer to the cause of contacting server error. According to some sources, the main factors that are reported to cause the issue include:

    • Outdated game or outdated OS of your device
      If the Halo MCC or your device OS is outdated, it will conflict with others that lead to the contacting server error at hand.
    • DNS server
      If your DNS server system cannot solve the web addresses of Halo MCC, the game probably will fail to contact its servers.
    • Corrupt games files or corrupt Halo MCC installation
      If the important game files or the game installation is corrupt, it will stop the game from contacting its servers.
    • Conflicting Applications
      A lot of applications such as Easy Anti-Cheat and RGB that control applications are reported to conflict with the Halo MCC and cause the issue.

Okay, those are the issues that cause the ‘Contacting Server to Get the Latest Matchmaking Data. Please Wait’ error appears on the pop up window.

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