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Along with the Allay, Glare will also be an upcoming mob selected through the Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote. Before you make a vote for Glare, you may want to know about its characteristics, appearance and what Glare will do in the game.

To know more about it, you can find more information about Glare on Minecraft Fandom Wiki. As the official Minecraft information provider, Minecraft Fandom Wiki seems to provide the information related to Minecraft as completely as possible. So, let’s see the information about Glare based on the Minecraft Fandom Wiki.

Glare Minecraft Wiki

What Is Glare?

According to Minecraft Fandom Wiki, the Glare is a small ghost-like mob that has the ability to alert players to an area that is dark enough for hostile mobs to spawn in. The glare will hover above the ground. They will also  appear to have a green material that covers everything except for its wide eyes.

A lot of sources describe Glare as a little green mob which basically looks like a  pair of eyes that hide inside a floating bush. It is known that Glare is the first candidate for the Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote. Unlike the Allay that loves music and dance, the Glare actually loves to go to the dark areas in which hostile entities can spawn.

In the game, Glare will be a mob with two behaviour types. It will appear with a cute and healthy side in a well-bright area. Otherwise, in the dark areas, it will turn grumpy and inform you that monsters can spawn her.

Where Can You Find Glare?

Even though there’s no confirmation from Minecraft about the Glare’s spawning location, but a lot of teaser videos show that Glare is seen to hide in a special structure with copper blocks, a barrel, a chest, redstone lamps and two armor stands.

There’s a rumor that this will potentially be a new structure that is planned for Minecraft 1.19 update. However, the new structure can be produced in those areas, as copper ore is common in dripstone caves. It’s important to note that it’s only pure speculation and nothing has been confirmed.

What Will Glare Do in the Game

What Will Glare Do in the Game?

As we’ve mentioned, Glare really loves visiting the dark areas. Just like other mobs added to the game, Glare also shows one of the options so far. Certainly, this mob will alert you to monster-spawning light levels.

If you see some teaser videos about Glare, you can see that Glare is a floating mob, meaning it can fly. As the trailer said that the players are able to keep Glare with them, it means that they can also train them.

Mojang, the Minecraft developer stated that Glare is a very beneficial mod, as you can grab it to any dark place or cave. In the dark place, this mob will alert you to other mobs that show in the dark. You should know that when you take Glare to the dark place, it is actually angry and even before any dungeons mob shows in the dark, Glare begins warning you about it.

There are a bunch of different levels of Glare getting angry. What are they?

    • When you take Glare in the dark, it will be angry in the first 10 seconds in a regular way.
    • If  after 10 seconds you still don’t turn on the light, Glare will start blowing an air horn.
    • Glare will start playing cymbals loudly if you don’t listen to Glare even after the air horn and you don’t turn on the light.

For more information, the Glare is only the first of the mobs on this year’s mob vote. Mojang states that they will introduce more candidates in this week that leads up to Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote on Saturday, 16th October 2021.

How Reliable Is the Glare For You in the Game?

To measure whether Glare is reliable for you in the game or not, you should watch the little teaser video. In a YouTube video entitled ‘Minecraft Live 2021: Vote for the glare!’ uploaded by Minecraft channel, you can see that Glare will only spawn in the dark place.

We think Glare will be worthy if you explore inside the cave at night. As we know, inside the cave, there are a lot of monsters that will suddenly spawn. Then, if you take Glare, it will alert you by getting angry when you have found low-light levels to cause monsters to spawn.

Based on an explanation of what Glare will do for you in the game, we think that Glare will be useful if you have had a hard time to tell which areas of darkness are monster spawners.

However, many players react that though cute, Glare seems to solve a problem that does not exist. It is very clear when you have entered a dark area, a lot of monsters will spawn. But when you are inside the cave, there will be more complicated situations such as performing a bit of civil planning to assure that your local village is well-lit enough. Many Minecraft players hope that the Glare will have a few other uses, apart from only pointing out dark spots.

From some opinions and sources, we can conclude that Glare only plays a role in providing a little help for you when you are in a dark place, the rest is not there anymore. The point is, Glare does not provide more benefits for you in the game. But if you like it, why not try to make a vote for it to get away and be added to the game.

How to Vote the Glare? 

To make a vote for Glare and other candidates, you can vote via Twitter during Minecraft Live that will take place on Saturday October 16, 2021 at 5 P.M (9 A.M PDT) on Twitch and YouTube. Sure, Glare will go against two other mobs. The Glare probably will be joined by other mobs with a focus on survival mode utility. If you want  Glare getting away, make sure to make a vote for it on Twitter.

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