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FFXIV Fashion Report This Week Location

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In Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), the Gold Saucer holds the Fashion Reports each week. This is a contest where players are permitted to show their knowledge of fashion and glamour. Where is the location of the Fashion Report this week? We will reveal it here.

This Week Location of Fashion Report

You are able to access the Fashion Report when you reach level 15 and have unlocked the Gold Saucer. If you want to start your fashion journey, you have to go see Lewena in the Gold Saucer (X: 4.8 and Y: 6.1). This character will give the Passion for Fashion quest.

This Week Location of Fashion Report

After this NPC is unlocked, you will be able to attend the Fashion Report contest and begin to unlock exclusive items. How about Masked Rose? This character is your judge for the weekly Fashion Report which can be found in the Gold Saucer (X: 7.2 and Y: 7.4) beside the Kasumi’s Shop.

Fashion Report Week of February 26th, to March 2nd, 2021.

This is the theorycrafting by @KaiyokoStar.

100 Points

    • Holy Rainbow Shirt of Aiming
    • Gaganaskin Hat of Aiming
    • Arhat Hakama of Aiming
    • Prototype Alexandrian Neckband of Aiming

80 Points

    • Shale Brown Dye
    • Holy Rainbow Shirt of XXX

You are able to craft or buy most of these items from the marketplace. In the main cities, NPCs selling dyes are available as well. It is important for you to know that even if this example displays some items, you have to fill all your equipment slots to be able to get the said score.

Fashion Reports Rewards – Kasumi’s Shop

    • Ashe Grey Dye (Dye)

Price: 40

    • Bark Brown Dye (Dye)

Price: 40

    • Rose Pink Dye (Dye)

Price: 40

    • Mud Green Dye (Dye)

Price: 40

    • Bone White Dye (Dye)

Price: 40

    • Gloom Purple Dye (Dye)

Price: 40

    • Ice Blue Dye (Dye)

Price: 40

    • Ballroom Etiquette – Bewilderment (Emote)

Price: 5,000

    • Daring Dalliances Orchestrion Roll (Music)

Price: 5,000

    • Mummer’s Maquillage (Furniture)

Price: 3,000

    • Mummer’s Wardrobe (Furniture)

Price: 8,800

    • Coat Hanger (Furniture)

Price: 4,000

    • Dress Hanger (Furniture)

Price: 4,000

    • Spring Bottoms (Armor)

Price: 8,910

    • Spring Shirt (Armor)

Price: 8,910

    • Strewn Smallclothes (Furniture)

Price: 2,000

    • Spring Shoes (Armor)

Price: 5,346

    • Shirt Display Rack (Furniture)

Price: 7,200

    • Strewn Bottoms (Furniture)

Price: 2,000

For your information, the items above will be able to be unlocked along with your progression in the hidden Fashion Report ranking. For example, the Spring Bottoms will unlock after you can reach 600 points in total.

Every Tuesday, the week starts with various hints from Masked Rose. It permits you to be able to try and guess the best possible outfit of this week. Then, on Friday, the judging period begins. On this day, everyone can test their theorycrafting chops and try to get rewards.

What are the rewards that the players will earn? There are two types of rewards. If you are able to reach 100 points, you will get a one-time rewards title ‘ Fashion Leader’ and 60,000 MGP. If you are able to reach 80 points, you will be able to get 60,000 MPG.

If you are able to accumulate points, you will be able to unlock new rewards in Kasumi’s shop. One of the rewards in Kasumi’s shop is Spring Bottoms.

What is the Fashion Report in FFXIV?

In Final Fantasy XIV, Fashion Report is a new challenge at the Gold Saucer. When you go to the Golden Saucer, you will be challenged to make the best possible themed clothes that you can show. Then, you will be assessed by judges and swap tips with others. This is a weekly content where you will be able to get rewards for having the best outfit.

How Fashion Report Work?

The Golden Saucer will be a host to this event every week. In this event, you are tested on everything that you know about fashion. Masked Rose can be used by you at the beginning of the week to get hints on what the theme is that has been assigned. It will update every Tuesday about 8 PM GMT.

If you decide to participate in this event, then you will be judged on a scale of one to 100. The judging will be held at 8 PM GMT on Friday. Do you want to take on the challenge more than once? If so, you have the time to take it up to four times every week. You can do it between Friday and Tuesday. So, you have to make sure that you can do that in time before another theme is selected.

What will happen if we are using Glamoured gear? It will be judged surrounding the glamoured appearance that it has. If you are searching for trade items, you have to make sure that you do not have them equipped as well. Why? It is because if you happen to have them equipped when you are being judged, they will be attached to you and you will not have the chance to trade them.

How to Join a Fashion Report in FFXIV?

You are able to join this event as long as you meet the requirements. First, you have to make sure that you have reached level 15. And then, after you reach level 15, you will be able to unlock the gold disc which is required to access the Fashion Report. Before beginning, you have to complete the quest ‘It Could Happen to You’.

In the list below, you are able to see the complete requirements that you have to meet to be able to join Fashion Report in Final Fantasy XIV.

    • You must have reached level 15.
    • You must meet Lewena.
    • You have to do a quest ‘Passion for Fashion’.
    • The location of the Gold Saucer is in X: 4.8 and Y: 6.1.
    • You have to complete the quest ‘It Could Happen to You’.

The Rewards for Fashion Report

As a participant, you will get 10,000 MGP. For players who get a rating of eighty points or more, they will get an additional 50,000 MGP. If they continue to participate in these challenges, they will get access to Kasumi’s shop.

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