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Fastest Way to Level Up in Battlefield 2042

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In order to level up faster in Battlefield 2042, you may have to play some matches where you will earn a certain amount of Experience Point in every match. Well, the Experience Points you have earned will go toward leveling your accounts.

If you successfully level up, you will be able to unlock a lot of different items in the games, such as skins, weapons and also vehicles. Then, what is the fastest way to level up in Battlefield? No worries, if you need a number of ways that lead you to level up as quickly as possible, you will get those ways in our post below. Just keep staying on this page!

Fastest Way to Level Up in Battlefield 2042

Leveling Up Faster in Battlefield 2042, Here’s How!

A lot of pro Battlefield 2042 players said that leveling up in Battlefield 2042 faster is pretty easy to do. That said, all you have to do is to play a hundred matches and gain many kills and perform as well as possible.

You should know that the better you perform, the more Experience Points you will earn and then the faster your account will level up. However, if you are a beginner of playing matches in Battlefield, you may not know how to get started.

Fortunately, this post will give you a guide to level up in Battlefield 2042 faster. So, what can you do? In fact, there are a number of ways that you can level up in Battlefield 2042. The ways that we’ll show below are the effective ways to speed up your progression.

Here are they:

Way 1: Earn Ribbons

Earn Ribbons

In Battlefield 2042, there are at least five ribbons that can be obtained every time you play a match. Need to know, each Ribbon will give you a significant experience bonus as you finish a game as long as you do something that is related to that specific Ribbon.

Keep in mind, you will not earn Ribbons just completing its objective once. For example, you may have to destroy a few vehicles or beat some soldiers to earn a combat Ribbon. In other words, you may need to do specific action while playing matches in order to get a certain Ribbon.

Ribbons in Battlefield have three tiers and more things that are related to a Ribbon you do, the more Ribbons you will earn. Here’s how to get a specific Ribbon in Battlefield 2042!

    • Combat Ribbon
      It’s said that Combat Ribbon is the most accessible source of experience. To get combat ribbon, you should get some kills and destroy some vehicles. The fastest way to get this ribbon is to shoot enemy soldiers.
      To defeat the enemies faster and easier, you may need to learn how to fly a helicopter that will lead you to get a lot of kills and destroy many vehicles from the air.
    • Wingman Ribbon
      To get Wingman Ribbon, you may need to help or revive a player a few times. That means you just simply become a good teammate and assist them whenever you can.
    • Intel Ribbon
      In order to get Inter Ribbon, all you can do is to spot your enemies. After you destroy your enemy’s drones, you can unlock this Intel Ribbon. However, destroying enemy drones may be a bit hard. Sure, you can send your drone to a combat zone from time to time.
    • Logistic Ribbon
      Just like Wingman Ribbon, you will be able to get a Logistic Ribbon by helping your teammate. In the case of helping your teammate, you can supply them with ammo and repair vehicles in order to increase your team’s chance of winning.
    • Objective Ribbon
      Just like Combat Ribbon, you can gain this ribbon by attempting to win the game. It may be a bit difficult for you. To make it easier, you may need to participate in team efforts actively to win the match. That means you have to capture, defend and also hold control points enough times for the game.

Way 2: Completing challenges

Completing challenges

The next thing you can do to level up faster is for completing any Battlefield challenges and objectives. You will gain additional Experience Points by securing flags and completing game mode objectives. However, obtaining challenges completed for Specialists will help you greatly.

For more information, every Specialist in Battlefield 2042 actually has various challenges to unlock skin. Of course, those challenges will be great for Experience Points. So, ensure you focus on completing any Battlefield’s challenges to level up as quickly as possible.

Way 3: Choosing the right specialist

Choosing the right specialist

Since leveling up in Battlefield forces you to play a hundred of matches, it’s highly recommended for you to select the right specialist to make it easier for you in playing a match. You may already know that some Battlefield specialists will assist you gain the extra experience faster, but it’s also depending on your playstyle.

To ease you getting Combat Ribbon in your match, it would be better for you to use Sundance or Mackay, as they are fantastic to flank the adversary, so you can gain those extra kills. In addition to Sundance and Mackay, Boris is another great option for you to get the Combat Sentry, as his mighty sentries.

A support role that will be worthy for you to use is Falck. She will come to help you gain extra EXP, with her S21 Syrette Pistol,  she will be able to heal allies from a distance and obtain theWingman Ribbon.

Last, if you want to get Intel Ribbon, you can use Casper’s drone as another great way to spot your enemies easily.

Way 4: Farming bots

The last thing you can do is to try farming bots, though it’s not fun. However, it can be the fastest way to level up in Battlefield 2042. With too many bots, you can play offline or online servers. Then, you just simply farm bots as much as you want. By doing this, it will award you a lot of Experience Points.

Well, those are a bunch of ways that you can do in order to level up in Battlefield 2042 as quickly as possible.

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