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Fast Way to Fix Error: Windows Cannot Find IGCCTray.Exe

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You may often find an error Windows cannot find IGCCTray.Exe when you are starting Windows. However, this error can be a parameter in which there is something wrong with IGCCTray.Exe. Then, the main thing that you must do is to look for the ways in fixing it easily. Well, here is the fast way to fix errors when Windows cannot find IGCCTray.Exe. 

Fast Way to Fix Error: Windows Cannot Find IGCCTray.Exe

Let’s see the fast way in fixing an error when Windows cannot find IGCCTray.exe!

You surely have to know if GCCTray.Exe cannot be found on Windows, it means that the Intel Graphic Control Panel needs to be uninstalled and it needs the latest version installed. Well, to fix Windows cannot find GCCTray.Exe is to reinstall the app by following some steps below!

  • Firstly, you have to click Start.
  • After that, open the Settings app.
open the Settings app.
  • In this case, you need to go to Apps and Features. Then, find the Intel Graphics Control Panel or the Intel Graphics Command Center.
uninstall graphics control panel
  • Once you find it, you need to click on it and click Uninstall.

How to install Intel Graphics Control Panel

After you uninstalled the app, it is time for you to download again the Intel Graphics Control Panel. To download it you can visit one of the links below!

Well, if you cannot find either app in your computer, you can install the Intel Graphics Command Center and restart the system.

If you still do not have a peek to fix an error when Windows cannot find GCCTray.Exe, you can take a time to watch a few tutorial videos that explain it. Here is a tutorial video that you can find on YouTube:

A video from AarohanTechSol entitled Fix Windows Cannot Find IGCCTray.Exe Error, C:Program FileWindowsAppsIGCCTray.exe that you can access here.

Why Windows Cannot Find IGCCTray.Exe?

The reason why Windows cannot find GCCTray.Exe is because any errors happen to the file and there are some suspicious indicators. The suspicious indicator here may be referring to the virus and malware contained in GCCTray.Exe file.

Generally, .exe files are often inserted by viruses and malware. In this case, the cyber criminals really use the name of GCCTray to camouflage malicious software and the processes in Task Manager.

The cyber criminals basically build minor changes to names which cannot be noticed without careful inspection. Moreover, malicious files with similar names are placed in other folders and not designated for the origin of legitimate versions. Then, a malicious process is placed outside of the “C:Program FilesWindows Defender” folder.

Then, when you start opening Windows, you may get a pop up that tells an error on IGCCTray.Exe. Generally, it tells Error: Windows Cannot Find IGCCTray.Exe. Of course, you may be confused about how to fix it if Windows cannot find this file even IGCCTray.Exe always appears on the screen when you are starting Windows.

Generally, the pop up message appears after you are booting the system: Windows cannot find C:/Program Files/ WindowsApps/AppUp.IntelGraphicsExperience_1.100.2727.0_x64_8j3eq9…/IGCCTray.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly and then try again.

What is IGCCTray.exe?

IGCCTray.exe is a part of IGCCTray which is developed by Inter based on the  IGCCTray.exe version information. IGCCTray.exe stands for  “IGCCTray”. This file definitely can be found in the ‘C:Program FilesWindowsAppsAppUp.IntelGraphicsExperience_1.100.1725.0_x64__8j3eq9eme6cttGCP.ML.BackgroundSysTray’ folder.

Here are the following version information about IGCCTray.exe

  • Product name: IGCCTray
  • Company name: Intel
  • File description: IGCCTray
  • Internal name: IGCCTray.exe
  • Original filename: IGCCTray.exe
  • Legal copyright: Copyright © 2019
  • Product version:1.100.1725.0
  • File version: 1.100.1725.0

About IGCC

IGCC stands for Intel Graphics Command Center which is well-known as a new app that you can find on Microsoft Store. This app is exclusive for Windows 10 that offers the same capabilities as the traditional COntrol Panel in a package. Indeed, it is so easier to understand when you install it on your Windows 10.

It actually offers an interface that will feel very familiar to Windows 10 users. It is also featured by XAML UI elements and Fluent Design including the Reveal lighting effect and Acrylic material that can be enabled under Preferences.

At the beginning, Intel’s graphics drivers came bundled with the company’s Control Panel. It allows the user to set a variety of displays and the video-related settings. Today, Intel’s company has come to the realization which interface for which Control Panel is not the easiest one to understand. Then, it is introducing a new solution for its purposes.

Intel has also simplified in getting access to a lot of features of the Control Panel. In this case, the game optimization is done through the homepage directly. Then, several monitors are easier to set up and configure than having a separate dedicated page.

  • For video settings, the color and the image correction are not listed in a single page with a few default profiles offered. But, it is also possible to make custom ones.
  • For the general theme for the entire app now is easier to get to and displayed in a more friendly way with every part of the settings. The app is able to inform you about the new driver updates when you install the Intel Driver and Support Assistant.

Apart from adding many features to the app, Intel also has a plan to launch the 9th generation of H-series Intel Core Processors in the second quarter of 2019. This company is definitely promising more improvements for gamers such as the addition of support for Wi-Fi for lower latency in online games.

They have also introduced its first discrete GPU in a long time. However, it is expected to be released next year. The way in improving gaming on its platform is leading up to its launch.

Finally, the goal of this new app is part of a broader effort from Intel to create your life easier by using these graphics cards either for content creation or gaming. Well, if you are interested to help the shape of the future of graphics and visual computing, you surely have to sign up for Intel’s The Odyssey program.

Well, if you really like trying the Intel’s New Graphics Command Center, the only way that you can do it is to download it from Microsoft Store.

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