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Factorio Sulfuric Acid Blueprint

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In Factorio, Sulfuric Acid is a liquid that is commonly used to make batteries and processing units. To use it, the Sulfuric Acid should be piped into electric mining drills to mine uranium ore. Furthermore, the Sulfuric Acid can be generated in a chemical plant from water, sulfur and iron plates.

To generate Sulfuric Acid, you will need to use a certain blueprint that you can only copy and paste. When the Sulfuric Acid blueprint is placed, the layout will appear on the ground, so you can easily place factory pieces. Let’s see the Sulfuric Acid blueprint in our post below!

Factorio Sulfuric Acid Blueprint

Sulfuric Acid Blueprint

The one benefit of using Sulfuric Acid blueprint is to produce uranium more than you will ever need. The Sulfuric Acid is overkill and useful for miners to mine uranium.

Here’s the following Sulfuric Acid Blueprints you can copy and paste:


How to Use Sulfuric Acid in Factorio?

In Factorio, the Sulfuric Acid is commonly used to mine uranium, making it easier to mine uranium. It’s likely much easier to ship out Sulfuric Acid to the miners than it is to send everything that you need for Sulfuric Acid including Petroleum, Iron and Water.

It is known that Uranium Ore is a resource that can be found on the map. This resource should be processed in a centrifuge to generate uranium-235 and uranium-238, instead of being smelted in a furnace. Well, it is used to craft fuel for the nuclear reactor and in various types of ammunition.

Uranium Ore in Factorio is different from the other ores, since it requires Sulfuric Acid to be filled into the electric mining drill to mine it, at a rate of 10 Sulfuric Acid per 10 ore mined. Therefore, uranium ore cannot be mined by hand.

There is also no additional sulfuric acid that is consumed when additional products are made because of a productivity bonus from productivity modules or mining productivity. For instance, with a 20% productivity bonus, 12 ore can be mined for every 10 sulfuric acid consumed. It is known that the uranium ore has a green glow, making it easily seen at night.

The optimal ratio for sulfuric acid production is two chemical plants that produce sulfuric acid for every five chemical plants that produce sulfur. Furthermore, two chemical plants that produce sulfuric acid will be able to supply 20 chemical plants that produce batteries, or 150 assembling machine 3s that produce processing units.

How to Use Blueprints in Factorio?

To use blueprints in Factorio, you can just simply click on it in your inventory. After that, you can left-click to put it as you do on any other object. It’s important to note, the Factorio Blueprint actually provides an outline of what to build and where to place it. Well, it does not do the actual construction for you.

Later on, you can direct drones in the game to automatically build structures that are designated by blueprints. Early on, you may need to do the grunt work yourself. It may be better for you to blueprint early when you add any assembly lines or structure layouts, or also when you use multiple incidents, so that you can keep your construction consistent.

Here are the good areas for early blueprinting:

    • Drilling and smelting setups for steel, iron, copper, etc.
    • Power generators such as solar farms and steam engine setups.
    • Certain assembly setups such as electronic circuits that you need a lot of or inserters that you need many of and are a key part of other assembly lines, such as science packs and other types of inserters.

How to Make Blueprints in Factorio?

Every player in Factorio is allowed to create blueprints. Creating blueprints is pretty straightforward to do. To start creating a blueprint, you may need to switch the game to Blueprint mode by pressing ALT + B. After that, you will see a blue box that appears to the bottom-right of your cursor that indicates Factorio is now in Blueprint mode.

To make a blueprint, you can then click and drag over the area of your factory that you want to be included. After releasing the mouse-button, a menu box will pop up that shows an animated picture of the area you have chosen.

Here, you will be able to give your blueprint a name and description, and fiddle with parameters like snapping the blueprint to the grid or selecting an icon to represent the blueprint in your inventory.

To edit the blueprint, you can right-click on the image to clear out any unwanted objects such as sections of transport belt or electricity pylons, if you left-click, it will restore any deleted objects.

After you have finished tinkering with your blueprint, you can click ‘Save Blueprint’. Afterwards, it will appear in your inventory and then the chosen icon highlighted with a blue background.

If you want to make a blueprint you plan to use regularly, make sure to take a consideration to put it into your blueprint library. To do so, you can just open the library by pressing the ‘Blueprint Library’ button on the top-left of the screen. You can then click on the blueprint in your inventory and transfer it to the library.

It’s important to note, there are two menu tabs to select from. ‘My Blueprints’ will save a blueprint and make it accessible across all single player saves. It is known that ‘Game Blueprints’ is a library bound to the current save, that is used mainly for sharing blueprints in multiplayer.

Can You Export and Import Blueprints?

Yes, of course! You can export and import blueprints in Factorio. Need to know, blueprints in Factorio are not restricted to your game. It means that you can share your blueprints with other players and you can also use their blueprints to improve your own factory.

Outside of Factorio, the blueprints will be stored as character strings. If you want to export a blueprint, you can right-click the blueprint and then click the ‘Export to string’ button. If you want to import a blueprint, you can just copy and then click on the ‘Import String’ button to the right of your hotbar. Then, you can paste it in and click ‘Import’.

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