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Dead by Daylight Codes (July 2021)

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In Dead by Daylight, Bloodpoints are heart and soul of upgrading the killers and survivors. They are used to level up the Bloodweb, opening up more perks, items, and add-ons for you to use in the next match. Although you get some Blooodpoints for each completed match, you are always able to move up one more Bloodweb level. That is why we are going to share Dead by Daylight codes for you.

Dead by Daylight Codes (Working)

Here is a list of Dead by Daylight codes that work:

    • Pieceofcake: Redeem this code to get two charms.
    • PRIDE: Redeem this code to get a Rainbow Flag Pride Charm.
    • Nice: Redeem this code to get 69 Bloodpoints.

Dead by Daylight Codes (Expired)

Here is a list of Dead by Daylight codes that were expired:

    • RANKROULETTE: Redeem this code to get 250 Bloodpoints.
    • ANNIVERSARYFRAGMENTS: Redeem this code to get 10 Rift Fragments.
    • FD3EB91E-B741-454B-A5DD-BC8DA406F162: Redeem this code to get 10 Rift Fragments.
    • KodomonoHi2021: Redeem this code to get 60,000 Bloodpoints.
    • midorinohi2021: Redeem this code to get 50,000 Bloodpoints.
    • KenpouKinenBi2021: Redeem this code to get 40k Bloodpoints.
    • happygoldenweek2021: Redeem this code to get 30k Bloodpoints.
    • TWITTERSMOL: Redeem this code to get 1 Boodpoint.
    • TWITTERLORGE: Redeem this code to get 100,000 Bloodpoints.
    • BILIBILI200K: Redeem this code to get 200,000 Bloodpoints.
    • LUCKYCHARM: Redeem this code to get Lunar New Year Charm.
    • LUNARNEWGEAR: Redeem this code to get Lunar Katana for the Spirit.
    • BULLSHIRT: Redeem this code to get Lunar New Year – Adam Francis Jacket.
    • ZARINOX: Redeem this code to get Lunar Skin for Zarina Kassir.
    • DJC2021: Redeem this code to get 100k Bloodpoints.
    • FUKUHAUCHI: Redeem this code to get 100k Bloodpoints.
    • DISCORD200K: Redeem this code to get 200,000 Bloodpoints.
    • EntitysLittleHelper: Redeem this code to get free charm.
    • MNOGO: Redeem this code to get a new Sweater for Legion.
    • byebye2020: Redeem this code to get Fruitcake Charm for Killer.
    • NewYearNewEntity: Redeem this code to get a New Year ‘21 Charm.
    • FrostyBlight: Redeem this code to get Blight’s Frosty Eyes.
    • METATRON: Redeem this code to get Cheryl’s Sweater.
    • FROSTYTWINS: Redeem this code to get Twins Frosty Eyes.
    • GIFTTHERIFT: Redeem this code to get 20 Rift Shards.
    • Pathfinder: Redeem this code to get Elodie’s sweater.
    • Frostydeath: Redeem this code to get Deathslingers Frosty Eyes.
    • HOLIDAYFORMAL: Redeem this code to get Felix Sweater.
    • SOITCHY: Redeem this code to get free holiday sweater.
    • NICESTOCKING: Redeem this code to get Christmas Stocking Charm for Survivors.
    • HENYANG: Redeem this code to get Adams ugly sweater.
    • SNAPSNAP: Redeem this code to get free holiday sweater.
    • NAUGHTYSTOCKING: Redeem this code to get a free charm.
    • OVER5000: Redeem this code to get 5,001 Bloodpoints.
    • ONLY5000: Redeem this code to get 5,000 Bloodpoints.
    • TWITCHORTREAT: Redeem this code to get a Halloween themed charm.
    • ETERNALBLIGHT: Redeem this code to get a Halloween themed charm.
    • SWEETDREAMS: Redeem this code to get a Halloween themed charm.
    • DbDDayJP2020: Redeem this code to get 202,000 Bloodpoints.
    • Happy1001: Redeem this code to get 100,100 Bloodpoints.
    • VK100K: Redeem this code to get 100,000 Bloodpoints.
    • DISCORD150K: Redeem this code to get 150,000 Bloodpoints.
    • ENTITYPLEASED: Redeem this code to get 150,000 Bloodpoints.
    • ENTITYDISPLEASED: Redeem this code to get 1 Bloodpoint.

Dead by Daylight Codes (July 2021)

How to Redeem Dead by Daylight codes?

To redeem the codes in Dead by Daylight, all you need to do is open up the game and then head to the Store option on your screen. At the top right of the screen, you are going to see a button that says Redeem Code on it. Please hit that button which will open up the following screen. After you have got this open, copy one of the codes from the list above or type it in with the onscreen keyboard. When you have the code in correctly, simply hit the redeem button, and as long as the code has not expired, you are going to get your free reward.

Killer Perks – Dead by Daylight

Currently, there are 22 killers that you can play as in the game of Dead by Daylight. Each killer begins with three perks that are unique to them. Also, there are 12 perks that are currently accessible to all killers on the bloodweb, and can be unlocked as you level up the characters.

These 12 perks are accessible to all killers on the blood web.

    • Bitter Murmur
    • Deerstalker
    • Distressing
    • Hex: No One Escapes Death
    • Hex: Thrill of the Hunt
    • Insidious
    • Iron Grasp
    • Monstrous Shrine
    • Sloppy Butcher
    • Spies from the Shadows
    • Unrelenting
    • Whispers

Here is a list of each killer and their individual perks.

The Trapper

The Trapper’s unique perks are:

    • Unnerving Presence
    • Brutal Strength
    • Agitation

The Wraith

The Wraith’s unique perks are:

    • Predator
    • Bloodhound
    • Shadowborn

The Hillbilly

The Hillbilly’s unique perks are:

    • Enduring
    • Lightborn
    • Tinkerer

The Nurse

The Nurse’s unique perks are:

    • Stridor
    • Thanatophobia
    • A Nurse’s Calling

The Huntress

The Huntress’ unique perks are:

    • Beast of Prey
    • Territorial Imperative
    • Hex: Huntress Lullaby

The Shape

The Shape’s unique perks are:

    • Save the Best for Last
    • Play with Your Food
    • Dying Light

The Hag

The Hag’s unique perks are:

    • Hex: The Third Seal
    • Hex: Ruin
    • Hex: Devour Hope

The Doctor

The Doctor’s unique perks are:

    • Overwhelming Presence
    • Monitor & Abuse
    • Overcharge

The Cannibal

The Cannibal’s unique perks are:

    • Knock Out
    • Barbecue & Chilli
    • Franklin’s Demise

The Nightmare

The Nightmare’s unique perks are:

    • Fire Up
    • Remember Me
    • Blood Warden

The Pig

The Pig’s unique perks are:

    • Hangman’s Trick
    • Surveillance
    • Make Your Choice

The Clown

The Clown’s unique perks are:

  • Bamboozle
  • Coulrophobia
  • Pop Goes the Weasel

The Spirit

The Spirit’s unique perks are:

    • Spirit Fury
    • Hex: Haunted Ground
    • Rancor

The Legion

The Legion’s unique perks are:

    • Discordance
    • Mad Grit
    • Iron Maiden

The Plague

The Plague’s unique perks are:

    • Corrupt Intervention
    • Infectious Fright
    • Dark Devotion

The Ghost Face

The Ghost Face’s unique perks are:

    • I’m All Ears
    • Thrilling Tremors
    • Furtive Chase

The Demogorgon

The Demogorgon’s unique perks are:

    • Surge
    • Cruel Limits
    • Mindbreaker

The Deathslinger

The Deathslinger’s unique perks are:

    • Gearhead
    • Dead Man’s Switch
    • Hex: Retribution

The Executioner

The Executioner’s unique perks are:

    • Forced Penance
    • Trail of Torment
    • Deahtbound

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