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Cyberpunk 2077 Gorilla Arms Mods

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In Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberware Mods are a group of Mods which can be used to improve Cyberware stats. Mods are modifications which are able to be used to increase the Weapons and Armor in terms of the stats and usage.

The players are able to utilize them to increase and change their gear effects and also adapt their play style accordingly. Mods are able to be used in equipment with at least one Mod slot. The players are able to assign and replace Mods from the Inventory Menu. Based on the research, Cyberware Mods come in lots of shapes and sizes in CyberPunk 2077.

In Night City, anything is possible. You are able to change out most of your body for cyberware, turning you into what is essentially a cyborg. For your information, Gorilla Arms are one of the most enjoyable weapons that you are able to get in Cyberpunk 2077, offering you to thump your way through the opponents with your fists. In this page, we are going to  explain the Best Gorilla Arms Mods, how to get Gorilla Arms in Cyberpunk 2077, and other information related to Gorilla Arms.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gorilla Arms Mods

How to Get Gorilla Arms?

You have to know that Gorilla Arms are a cyberware upgrade for your arms which can be bought from any Ripperdoc in Night City. Apparently, there are three different rarities of Gorilla Arms you are able to get. In the text below, we have listed them with their price in Eurodollars, and what the higher rarity variants offer for the extra Eddies.

  • Rare

Turns your firsts into deadly weapons. Hitting the opponents builds a charge which can be released with a strong attack. One mod slot available. The cost is 15,250.

  • Epic

Second mod slot available (battery). The cost is 25,250.

  • Legendary

Third mod slot available (universal). The cost is 100,250.

It seems like some prices for the higher rarity Gorilla Arms. You have to note that applying and combining mods with your powerful fists, will make them all greater. Now we are going to share some best Gorilla Arm builds, mods, perks and cyberware.

Best Gorilla Arms Build

The best Gorilla Arms build you are able to make in Cyberpunk 2077 needs you to have the Legendary Gorilla Arms. That is because it is the mods you are able to equip to your formidable fists which really make them one of the best melee weapons in the game. In addition, you are going to want to ensure that you are pouring a lot of your attributes into Body.

That is because improving your Body attribute can also increase your stamina, that you will be using a lot with each swing of your arms. Also, improving your body attribute directly affects how much damage you deal with melee weapons, including the Gorilla Arms.

In terms of Skills you wish to level up, it is the Street Brawler in case you have not guessed. This will let you unlock a bunch of incredibly handy perks for Gorilla Arms. Fortunately, the more you utilize Gorilla Arms, the more you will improve your Street Brawler skill naturally.

Best Gorilla Arms Mods

In the text below, we have listed all Gorilla Arms mods for you.

Gorilla Arms Mods in Cyberpunk 2077
Mod Name Rarity Effect
Knuckles (Physical) Rare The effect will change type of damage dealt to physical.
Knuckles (Thermal) Rare The effect will change type of damage dealt to thermal.
Knuckles  (Chemical) Rare The effect will changes type of damage dealt to chemical.
Knuckles  (Electrical) Rare The effect will changes type of damage dealt to electrical.
Animals Knuckles Legendary The effect will changes type of damage dealt to physical.
Battery, Low-Capacity Epic Damage with Gorilla Arms + 10 percent.
Battery, Medium-Capacity Epic Damage with Gorilla Arms + 25 percent.
Battery, High-Capacity Epic Damage with Gorilla Arms + 50 percent.
Black-Market Battery Legendary Damage with Gorilla Arms + 100 percent.
Rin3U Battery Legendary Damage with Gorilla Arms + 10 percent, restores 100 percent stamina upon killing an opponent.

Here are our personal picks for the best Gorilla Arms mods:

  • Animals Knuckles
  • Rin3U Battery
  • Cold Shoulder (Melee Mod) – This will add +7 damage to your melee weapon.

Best Gorilla Arms Perks

We have picked five of the best perks that you will want if you are planning on using Gorilla Arms in Cyberpunk 2077. Please keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list; you are able to add many more perks to the five listed below to further develop your build to suit your play-style.

  • Unshakable (18 Body Required)

These attacks with the blunt weapons against stunned opponents can restore 5/10/15% health and 5/10/15% stamina.

  • Efficient Blows (6 Body Required)

This reduces the stamina cost of all attacks with Blunt weapons by 25 percent or 50 percent.

  • True Grit (5 Body Required)

This will increase max stamina by 10%, 20% or 30%.

  • The Rock (20 Body Required)

The opponents cannot knock you down.

  • Frenzy (15 Body Required)

Beating an enemy increases damage with Blunt weapons by 100 percent for 10 seconds.

Best Gorilla Arms Cyberware

In terms of Cyberware, we suggest you to start with any type of ‘Berserk’ Operating System. When activated, you are able to reduce ranged weapon recoil and also sway by 10 percent. They are going to increase melee damage and your armor. The percent’s for these vary by the rarity and type of Berserk operating system you get, however any will be a good place to start.

Also, we had to choose the Microvibration Generator Skeleton Cyberware. This will increase melee weapon damage from anywhere between 5 up to 15 percent depending on the rarity.

You are able to throw in the Adrenaline Booster Circulatory System Cyberware that restores a % of stamina after beating an opponent between 10 and 50% depending on rarity once again. Eventually, the Visual Cortex Support for your Frontal Cortex is going to increase Crit Damage from between 10 up to 45% depending on rarity.

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