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Bing News Quiz Answers

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If you want to test whether you are up to date with the news these days, you are able to take a news quiz in Bing Fun. When you access Bing in the Fun section, there are a number of games and quizzes. One of the quizzes that you are able to take is News Quiz. When you click on it, there are some options including a news quiz for this week, last week, two weeks ago and three weeks ago.

News Quiz for This Week

When we accessed News Quiz for this week on Bing, here are the quiz questions. We include the answers as well.

1. The NCAA final was won by Baylor , denying Gonzaga an undefeated season. When was the last time a Division I men’s basketball team went undefeated?

a. 1976
b. 1986
c. 1996

Answer: A. 1976

2. Supply chain issues and high demand have caused a shortage of which condiment?

a. Ketchup
b. Mustard
c. Mayonnaise

Answer: A. Ketchup

3. Which company announced it’s shutting down its smartphone business?

a. LG
b. Google
c. Samsung

Answer: A. LG

4. St. Louis elected Tishaura Jones as its first Black female…

a. Mayor
b. Police chief
c. District attorney

Answer: a. Mayor

5. A comic book featuring the debut of which superhero sold for $3.25 million?

a. Batman
b. Superman
c. Wonder Woman

Answer: b. Superman

6. There is a new study which proves that people with what hair color feel less pain?

a. Blond
b. Red
c. Brown

Answer: b. Red

7. What did Los Angeles Angels fans throw on the field during a game against the Houston Astros?

a. Hats
b. Trash cans
c. Hot dogs

Answer: b. Trash can

8. What event did announce that it will be free and virtual this year?

a. Coachella
b. Comic-Con
c. E3

Answer: E3

9. Whose baseball bat sold for $715,000 at auction?

a. Lou Gehrig
b. Hank Aaron
c. Babe Ruth

Answer: a. Lou Gehrig

10. Whose estate is unveiling a previously unreleased album titled ‘Welcome 2 America’?

a. Prince
b. Sharon Jones
c. David Bowie

Answer: a. Prince

News Quiz for Last Week

When we accessed News Quiz for last week, here are the questions and also the answers.

1. Which state voted to repeal its official song?

a. Michigan
b. Maryland
c. Montana

Answer: b. Maryland

2. Mount Rushmore was closed because of danger from what?

a. Covid-19
b. Wildfires
c. Earthquake

Answer: b. Wildfires

3. A ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel is being developed for …

a. CBS
b. Broadway
c. Netflix

Answer: b. Broadway

4. For the first time in more than 50 years, the Oscars will not air in …

a. India
b. Hong Kong
c. The UK

Answer: b. Hong Kong

5. What did an Air Force vet from Everett, Washington, receive as a gift from a college buddy?

a. A trip to space
b. A bus ticket out of Everett
c. His own fighter jet

Answer: A. A trip to space

6. Since a Vermont high school was found to be contaminated with toxic chemicals, classes have been held …

a. In a former Macy’s
b. Online
c. At a public park

Answer: A. In a former Macy’s

7. Who will replace Nick Jonas as a coach on ‘The Voice’?

a. Joe Jonas
b. Katy Perry
c. Ariana Grande

Answer: c. Ariana Grande

8. Which team’s plane had to make an emergency landing after it was hit by birds?

a. New Orleans Pelicans
b. Brooklyn Nets
c. Utah Jazz

Answer: C. Utah Jazz

9. China’s biggest maker of SUVs is introducing a vehicle that runs on …

a. Coal
b. Helium
c. Hydrogen

Answer: c. Hydrogen

10. Nike got a restraining order to block the sale of shoes introduced by which recording artist?

a. My Blood Valentine
b. Red Hot Chili Peppers
c. Lil Nas X

Answer: C. Lil Nas X

News Quiz Two Weeks Ago

When we accessed news quiz in two weeks section on Bing, here are the quiz questions and also the answers.

1. Which chain is giving a free doughnut to anyone with proof of Covid-19 vaccination?

a. Tim Hortons
b. Dunkin’ Donuts
c. Krispy Kreme

Answer: c. Krispy Kreme

2. Prince Harry accepted a new position with …

a. The US government
b. Harpo Productions
c. A tech startup

Answer: A tech startup

3. What did Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sell for $2.9 million?

a. Twitter stock
b. His yacht
c. The first tweet

Answer: C. The first tweet

4. Global shipping has been slowed down by a ship truck in which canal?

a. Panama
b. Suez
c. Erie

Answer: b. Suez

5. Which part of Monopoly is Hasbro modernizing?

a. Community Chest cards
b. Hotels
c. Railroads

Answer: a. Community Chest cards

6. A Virginia school district returned what item to a former student, 70 years after it was lost?

a. Wallet
b. Varsity jacket
c. Book

Answer: a. Wallet

7. A Tennessee man lost a $1 million lottery ticket, and then found it in …

a. His car
b. His wallet
c. A parking lot

Answer: c. A parking lot

8. Some ‘Jeopardy’ fans and past contestants have called for the removal of which guest host?

a. Ken Jennings
b. Mike Richards
c. Dr. Mehmet Oz

Answer: C. Dr. Mehmet Oz

9. Which fast food chain announced it will launch in the UK?

a. Popeyes
b. Chick-fil-A
c. Los Pollos Hermanos

Answer: a. Popeyes

10. A Georgia man feuding with his ex-employer received his final wages in …

a. $2 bills
b. Bitcoin
c. Pennies

Answer: C. Pennies

Other Quizzes and Games in Bing

If you are very interested in taking a quiz, there are some options of Bing quiz besides News quiz. Those are Homepage quiz, Celebrity quiz, Geography quiz and Surprise Me. Each quiz has a timer so that you will know how much time that you spend filling the quiz. However, if you want to play games of puzzles, there are Jigsaw, Matching Cards, Put in Order, Chess, 2048, Sliding tiles, Crossword, and Sudoku. Even under the options of the games and quizzes, there is some information about the games such as the guide of how to play them, the origin of the game and some others.

The games which are available on Bing are classic. So, it may be nostalgic for you to play these games. Just choose the quizzes or games that you want to play on Bing and enjoy!

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