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Be of Cautious Crossword Clue

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Be of cautious crossword clue appeared in the New York Times a couple of times. It was last seen on January 3rd, 2021. The answer to the crossword clue is WARY. There are a few crossword clues that are similar to be of cautious.

Please be aware and do not make mistakes. Here is the list of similar crossword clues:

  1. Rank: 5 stars

Answer: BEWARE

Clue: Be cautious (of)

  1. Rank: 4 stars

Answer: HEED

Clue: Be cautious of heavy-handed banks

  1. Rank: 4 stars

Answer: WARE

Clue: Be cautious of seaweed

  1. Rank: 3 stars

Answer: MIND

Clue: Be careful of

  1. Rank: 3 stars


Clue: Be careful of morally suspect female’s charm

  1. Rank: 3 stars

Answer: DIET

Clue: BE careful of intake where national assembly’s concerned

  1. Rank: 3 stars

Answer: MISTER

Clue: London’s East Enders say to be careful of that woman nurse

  1. Rank: 3 stars

Answer: MOA

Clue: Extinct flightless bird of New Zealand. If you want to reach your full potential now you will have it

  1. Rank: 3 stars

Answer: WARY

Clue: Cautious of danger of route across river

  1. Rank: 3 stars

Answer: HEEDS

Clue: Is cautious of

  1. Rank: 3 stars

Answer: LERRY

Clue: Cautious (of)

  1. Rank: 3 stars


Clue: Cautious of vehicle with hybrid fuel

  1. Rank: 3 stars


Clue: Cautious of administering a dug as a boy

Rank: 3 stars


Clue: Careful of the short gap at end of runway

  1. Rank: 3 stars

Answer: COPTIC

Clue: Conservative of vision, producing liturgical language

  1. Rank: 3 stars


Clue: Careful of new paramour’s charm

  1. Rank: 3 stars


Clue: Lesson by one conservative of the highest rank

  1. Rank: 3 stars


Clue: Weapon returned to a conservative of little value

  1. Rank: 3 stars


Clue: Shady type chary of having his rest disturbed

  1. Rank: 3 stars

Answer: DUCAL

Clue: Praise from the right, including conservative of high rank

Be of Cautious Crossword Clue

If you are curious of the other crossword clues that appeared on January 3rd, 2021, here is of some other ones:

  1. Painted Easter item: EGG
  2. Floor spread?: MAT
  3. Moderately hot: WARM
  4. Yellow ride?: CAB
  5. ___ one out: ODD
  6. Word that follows weather and water: PROOF
  7. Rainbow shape: ARC
  8. More than jog: RUN
  9. Deep tissue massage spot: SPA
  10. Barrett of Pink Floyd: SYD
  11. Feeling nothing: NUMB
  12. Chemist’s room for short: LAB
  13. Constellation part: STAR
  14. Slurpee alternative: ICEE
  15. Super serve in tennis: ACE
  16. Chardonnay for one: WINE
  17. ___ club (musical group): GLEE
  18. January ___ 2009 song by the Avett Brothers from their album I and Love and You: WEDDING
  19. ___ off to you!: HATS
  20. The January ___ 18898 crime comedy film starring Kevin Kline and Susan Sarandon: MAN
  21. Baseball official for short: UMP
  22. Where China is: FAREAST
  23. The ___ Code (How I Met Your Mother creation): BRO
  24. Morrison of The Doors: JIM
  25. Bit of sarcasm maybe: JEER
  26. The ___ Duckling: UGLY
  27. Youtuber ___ Mongeau: TANA
  28. Actor ___ Holbrook from Men of Honor: HAL
  29. The Lion King lioness: NALA
  30. ___ Hershiser Baseball legend: OREL
  31. Savings plan for the later years: Abbr: IRA.
  32. Biblical garden: EDEN
  33. French luxury fashion house: Abbr.: YSL
  34. Tissue layer: PLY
  35. Cold cabbage dish: SLAW
  36. Walking speed: PACE
  37. Danny Pudi’s role in Community: ABED
  38. Wasp’s bite: STING
  39. Yin’s opposite: YANG
  40. Dr. of rap; DRE
  41. College for the NCAA Bruins: Abbr.: UCLA
  42. Get together: UNITE
  43. Honey-loving insects: BEES
  44. Large gulp: SWIG
  45. Audition tape e.g.: DEMO
  46. Scratch the surface of: MAR
  47. Modern Family airer: Abbr.: ABC
  48. Typist’s stat: Abbr.: WPM
  49. The Altar constellation: ARA
  50. Harry Potter’s best friend: RON
  51. Bottle’s lid: CAP
  52. Surgery sites: Abbr.: ORS
  53. Drinker’s road offense: Abbr.: DUI
  54. Genetic letters: RNA
  55. Animal’s coat: FUR
  56. Words to live by: CREDO
  57. Doctor’s organization: Abbr.: AMA
  58. Singer Adams with the hit Every I Do: BRYAN
  59. Goodness gracious! Old-style: EGAD
  60. Palindromic magazine title: ELLE
  61. Salsa scooper: CHIP
  62. ___ Grey tea: EARL
  63. Kill as a dragon; SLAY

Crosswords are not only known as a hobby that can entertain everyone, as stated by a lot of scientists. Apart from that, solving puzzles can improve your memory and verbal skills while making you solve problems and focus your thinking.

Crosswords are so good to improve your mental health according to the scientists. A lot of studies have demonstrated the positive effects of playing them on the brain.

If you want to solve the crossword puzzle, you can try to split up how to do a crossword puzzle into some basic steps.

  • Make the first pass in a direction. It is usually starting with 1 across and solving the one with the easiest clue.
  • Make the first pass in the other direction. It is usually starting with 1 down, solving for the easiest one and making sure they fit together when written out.
  • Do the second pass, this time with more letters to help you figure out new crossword answers.
  • Repeat all the steps, taking a break is good. You can use the break time to look at the crossword quiz answers in a new way. Please do this until everything is done. Remember to consider the theme, look out for anagrams, and try to use the synonym and antonym finder to find the new words that are similar to the clues.
  • Once you have completed the entire crossword, the last thing that you will have to do is to check the answers. There are some rare cases when your crossword clues and answers fit but do not match the answers of the newspaper so checking out your answers is needed.

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