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Astral Sorcery Iron Transmutation in Minecraft

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In Astral Sorcery mod, you’re also allowed to do Iron Transmutation. However, this process is needed to produce a block which can be smelted into 1 Starmetal Ingot. Unfortunately, many players complained that the Iron Transmutation is not working on this mod. Then, do you also experience the same thing?

If so, of course, you should find out why it happens and how to work Iron Transmutation to obtain a block to be smelt into 1 Starmetal Ingot. Thankfully! You’re coming to this page as we’ll show you the right process of Iron Transmutation in order to get the successful result.

Astral Sorcery Iron Transmutation in Minecraft

Recipe on Iron Transmutation Process

As you already know, the Iron Transmutation process uses the Linking Tool. By setting down some Iron ore near a Collector Crystal, you actually can use this tool to link the Collector Crystal to the ore.

Well, this ore is going to change into the Star Metal Ore over time. Then, once the Iron Transmutation process is passed, you can smelt the iron ore into a Starmetal Ingot. Additionally, it can turn to be ground down on the grinder into 3 Stardust.

Stardust here is an Astral Sorcery component which is really needed in crafting recipes. The Stardust can be crafted by grinding down Starmetal Ingots on the Grindstone. Well, with Stardust, you’re able to craft a Scroll of Written Expertise that you can give to other people. It allows them to share the research you have so far.

Of course, you shouldn’t miss the recipe to produce the Iron or Starmetal Ore on Astral Sorcery mod. Here’s for the Iron Transmutation’s Recipe or Starmetal Ore crafting process:

The Iron / Starmetal Ore can be crafted by exposing Iron ore to the straight which is collected by a Celestial Collector Crystal or Collector Crystal. Of course, the block’s location should be connected to the Crystal with a Linking Tool.

Moreover, the Linking Tool here is an item which is added by Astral Sorcery to be used to direct the Starlight from a Celestial Collector Crystal, Collector Crystal, Lens or also PrismLens to a block. Well, here’s how the Linking Tool works:

  • By right-clicking one of the blocks with the Linking Toll will show a”Selected !” message.
  • Then, by right-clicking blocks will direct a ray of the starlight to the selected block with a “Linked to a block!” message.
  • Moreover, shifting the right-clicking on the starlight-producing blocks can remove all existing starlight rays and will show a “Unlinked all links!” message.
  • Last, switching to another item will show a “Stopped linking!” message in the chat log.

Furthermore, you also have to know the blocks that you’re able to transmute and their result. Here’s for the list of all blocks:

  • Iron – Starmetal Ore
  • Netherrack – Nether Brick
  • Sandstone – Endstone
  • Sea Lantern – Lapis
  • Magma Block – Obsidian
  • Pumpkin – Cake
  • Netherwart Block – Soul Sand
  • Diamond Ore – Emerald Ore
  • Sand – Clay

Once you know the list of blocks that you can transmute, you can now transmute them to have a healthy amount of Stardust which allows you to create some new gorgeous toys in this Minecraft mod.

Why Do People Fail in the Iron Transmutation Process?

Of course, it can not be denied that Minecraft and also any mods really require you to craft any items within. Then, the crafted items here are very important to create as they will be needed to craft for next items later. That’s why you should craft and use some certain items to produce an item or more.

In the crafting process, you surely have to know the materials that you will use to craft a certain item. Aside from mastering what materials will be used, you also should recognize the step-by-step in crafting process. Without knowing both, we guarantee that you will fail in crafting an item in Minecraft.

So, that can be a cause why a lot of Minecraft players think that the Astral Sorcery Iron Transmutation process  is not working in this mod. They may not know the materials and also the crafting process to produce the Iron Ore/ Starmetal Ore. Well, when you use the wrong material in Iron Transmutation, of course the process will fail at all.

Keep in mind, when you do the Iron Transmutation process in this mod, the materials and the process are exactly in correct procedure. Well, if you’re also interested in doing the Iron Transmutation in the Astral Sorcery mod, please don’t hesitate to take our recipe and process on Iron Transmutation as we have explained above. Let’s do it right now!

About Astral Sorcery Mod

The Astral Sorcery mod is a magical Minecraft mod which was created by HeliFirePvP. This mod features a magic-themed mod based on the constellations and the star power. That means this mod is on the night sky which can help the player to empower your weapons and the armor and also the Minecraft world around you.

This mod was first released in Beta on February 12, 2017 for Minecraft version of 1.10.2. because this mod is accessed at nighttime, of course it mostly focuses at night but it does not mean that you cannot work with this mod during the day. The Astral Sorcery mod is based very much around locating the stuff in the Minecraft world.

To note, it’s so important for you to install a mapping mod like Journey map to create tracking a little easier before you start working with this mod. With the Journey map, you absolutely can explore and discover the Minecraft world and the sky above you.

Besides, you can focus on the starlight to your will. Enhancing the world around you and strengthening yourself are what you can do in the Astral Sorcery mod. That’s so fantastic, isn’t it?

How to get the Astral Sorcery mod? If you already have no this mod yet, you actually can get this mod from the CurseForge site that you can access at https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/astral-sorcery. Before you download it, make sure to know the Minecraft version that you use as the Astral Sorcery is available for Minecraft 1.12.2, Minecraft 1.15.2 and Minecraft 1.16.4.

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