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Apex Bloodhound Lore

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Since none knows the exact identity of Bloodhound in Apex Legends, sure, giving you a bit of Bloodhound’s lore might open your mind a little about it. Because of many mystery rumors circulating, of course, a lot of players do not know for sure who the Bloodhound is.

Well, one thing is certain that the Bloodhound is known throughout the Outlands as one of the greatest hunters the Frontier has ever seen. Some say that Bloodhounds are a bloodthirsty murderer, half a bat, a former slave, and a bunch of other things depending on who you listen to the rumors from.

As too many rumors circulating about Bloodhounds, it’s really necessary if we give you a few words for the Bloodhounds’ lore that we know. So, let’s see our post below!

Who Is a Bloodhound?

Apex Bloodhound Lore

I am the hunter the Gods have sent.” That was all the Bloodhound said.

According to Apex Legends Wiki, Bloodhound is the only Legends which has a role as a technological tracker. That means it can find out the location of nearby enemies and trace the tracks left by the enemies.

Unfortunately, there’s not the slightest information regarding Bloodhound’s real name, gender, age, and world. That’s because Bloodhound’s identity is a mystery which is wrapped in layers of rumors.

Even though its identity is unknown until now, everyone really knows that Bloodhound is a force to be reckoned with in Apex Games. However, the Bloodhound’s unmatched tracking skills are a boon to any team they join which can  help them root out hidden opponents and track enemy movements.

When you use them, summoning Old Norse Gods on Earth is a must to guide them. Need to know that Bloodhound believes that destiny is a predetermined path, which ultimately leads to death. But with that knowledge comes strength, for until that day, Bloodhounds know they can’t be stopped.

Where Does Bloodhound Come From?

Sure, as their identities were not clearly identified, many people are guessing where Bloodhound comes from. However, guessing is not a good way to find out the real facts, but you should first find out some of the clues that lead to it.

In this case, if you want to know where Bloodhound originally comes from, you surely can identify from their accent when they state. As you know, there’s a phrase Bloodhound revealed, as we mentioned above. Sure, as a pro Apex Legends player, you may already know where they come from.

Thankfully, lore about Bloodhound reveals its accent which refers more to Icelandic accent. So, is it possible that the Bloodhound came from Icelandic? No one can really ensure the original nation of Bloodhound, as the Icelandic accent is not clear out at all.

However, there are some clues why Bloodhound inclines more like an Icelandic. When Bloodhound calls themself ‘Bloth Hoondr’ or ‘Blóðhundur’, we think the sound is likely how you would say Bloodhound in Icelandic.

When Bloodhound says “slatra” in their trailer, it means slaughter in Icelandic. Bloodhound always says ‘andskoti’ to enemies which means ‘devil’ in Icelandic. It also refers to Bloodhound’s raven/teammates as ‘Felagi Fighter(s)’ which derives from the Old Norse word ‘Félagi’ which means companion or comrade in Icelandic.

However, Allfather, as one of Bloodhound’s abilities, is a commonly used moniker for the Norse god Odin. Moreover, Bloodhound is also often seen with a Raven which likely refers to Huginn and Muninn. In this case, Ravens come from Norse mythology which travel the world and deliver the information they find to Odin.

The point is, Bloodhounds expectedly come from Icelandic.

How to Use Bloodhounds in the Game?

Bloodhound is the best Legends in Apex Legends. With a full-calculation, Bloodhound frequently moves based on data or facts on enemy movements. The point is, Bloodhound is a Legend which is very useful for finding enemies who are hiding or when your squad wants to avoid as many enemies as possible.

Because of its crucial function, the players who use Bloodhound should establish either  direct or indirect communication using text, audio, or ping. Then, Bloodhound players have to frequently report what they found to their comrades.

In the movement, Bloodhound should move to the front to open a path and read the trail left by the enemy, or look for hidden enemies using the Eye of The Allfather.

Some Tips When Playing Bloodhounds

This post will also show you plenty of tips and tricks that you can take when you play Bloodhound in Apex Legends. Here are they:

    • Smoke Launcher + Beast of the hunt = Win

The whereabouts of the enemy is very essential information in the battlefield. This is where smoke launchers come in. It works to blind the enemy and prevent them from knowing our location.

Then, if you combine it with Beast of the hunt that can see when other players are blind, you are sure to have more advantages on the battlefield. You certainly have to use this tactic in a closed area so that all enemies will be trapped and become easy targets for Bloodhound.

    • Beast of the Hunt = Run

This skill is not only for attacking or flanking an enemy, but also it’s very appropriate for running. For 35 seconds, your speed will increase, and a few enemies will be able to catch up with us while this skill is running.

    • Tracker Ability = Conveying all the information correctly

As we all know that Bloodhound is a character who revolves around information. In this case, the information can be a reason for life and death on the battlefield. The Bloodhound’s ability to process this information really provides its own advantages, especially for  detecting enemy locations.

Remember, the Apex Legends actually prioritizes a team play. Then if Bloodhound’s abilities are not fully utilized, that means that you’re not appropriate with this character. So, you can replace Bloodhound with another character in Apex Legends which expectedly to be more proper to use.

Additionally, the success of using Bloodhound in the game also depends on the player’s skill. So, make sure to increase your skill in Apex Legends, other than depending on the character.

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