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Among Us Font Copy and Paste

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Just like on a document or web page, in Among Us, Font is also used to add more text styles and also match the ‘tone’ of the text based on the content. In the game of Among Us, you may think that the logo of Among Us likely uses a specific font. In fact, the logo of Among Us reportedly does not use the font, but is made from a hand lettered.

Font in Among Us can also be used for your name. If you’re bored with the default font on your name, you can use other fonts to make it more attractive to see. Today, there are some sites that provide the font that you can copy and paste on your name in Among Us. Let’s find out the information on how and where to find the beautiful Among Us font with copy and paste!

How to Find Attractive Among Us Font You Can Copy and Paste?

Not all Among Us Providers allows you to get fonts with copy and paste. Most of them only provide Among Us font in the form of a picture, so you will need to download the font and sometimes the font is paid to download.

If the font comes in the picture, you definitely cannot use the downloaded font to change your default name in Among Us. What you can do with the downloaded font is to use it on your document or printed logo. Since you want a font used to change your default name in Among Us, you will need the font with the feature of copy and paste, right?

Among Us Font Copy and Paste

Thankfully, a YouTube channel named Chary that provides the content about Among Us, pretty shares the great way to change your default name in Among Us using the font that you can easily copy and paste. The channel uploaded a video entitled ‘HOW TO GET CUSTOM FONT NAME IN AMONG US! HOW TO GET FONT NAME IN AMONG US’ that you can watch here.

The Chary channel shows you a smart way to get the copy and paste font by searching for the Instagram fonts through your browser. This channel uses Safari to look for Instagram fonts, while you can use Google Chrome or another to get it.

On your browser, you can type ‘Instagram Fonts’. If the results appear, you can choose the top, second or third list, as they are the trusted ones as well. You can choose igfonts.iolingojam.com and instafonts.io. But, the channel chose igfonts.io to get the copy and paste font to change his default name in Among Us.

On the available text bar, you can directly type your name you will use in Among Us and then copy and paste it on the username bar in Among Us or you can type letter-by-letter of your name and then copy and paste it in letter-by-letter too on the username bar.

In the case of choosing the font for your Among Us name, it’s highly recommended to choose the attractive one. However, your in-game name will deliver something interesting to see and also attract people to see your unique name.

How to Change Your Name in Among Us with Font?

If you already get your unique name with a font to display in Among Us, you can directly change your previous name with a new one. Here’s how to change your default name in Among Us with font!

    • First, you need to launch Among Us on your device.
    • When you boot up the game, you will see an ‘Account’ button on the left-hand side at the menu screen and then click on it.
    • After clicking the button, it will open an account screen which shows your character including your last name you used in-game and also the option to sign in  or change name and  an option to randomize name, as well as the option to log out.
    • If this is your first time, you need to sign in and create your account or continue as a guest if you do not think you play the game more than once.
    • Here, you need to create an account.
    • Then, you will return to the account screen with the name change option now available.
    • Choose the option and paste your name with the font you already copied.
    • After that, click on the ‘Confirm’ button/

Congratulations! Your name with font is successfully changed and you will feel satisfied with your new name you’ve got from Instagram Fonts site. Well, that’s how to change your name with a font you can copy and paste on your default name in Among Us. Getting the name with font and changing it in Among Us username is pretty easy, isn’t it?

The Popularity of Among Us Font and Logo

The Among Us font and logo has gained popularity, as the game has a unique and different font and logo from other games. Reportedly, Among Us does not use digital font for its logo, instead it is used hand lettered, not created from a font.

This unique logo triggers people, particularly the fans of Among Us to mimic its logo using the digital font available on the photo or text editor app, social media font or any internet sources. Well, the simple design of the Among Us logo was introduced in 2018, along with the game that only had a single level to play on at first.

The logo of Among us consists of two visual assets. The first is the logo that most people know from the game on the PC. Second, the Among Us black and white icon is a wordmark with an almost hand-drawn sans-serif font and illustration of the main Among Us character.

The Among Us fans finally got the similarities of the original font with the digital font available. If you want to mimic the original font of Among Us, you can use a font called ‘In Your Face Joffrey’ by Reema Chhabra, ‘Mix Giants’ by Mix Fonts or also ‘Amatic SC’ by Vernon Adams.

Those fonts are about as close as you can obtain in this style. To reproduce the Among Us logo, you can use Among Us Vector font by just typing the symbol @ and you will obtain the logo.

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