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All Legendary Animals AC Valhalla

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There are several legendary animals in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Where are they? Apparently, every of them is found in a certain region in Norway and England.

You will get the special trophy from each one if you manage to defeat them, which in the end can be brought to the Hunter’s Hut in your Settlement for rewards.

What are the legendary animals in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?

Just like in the previous titles of the Assassin’s Creed series, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla requires you to hunt down for something for special trophies, exclusive rewards and Skill Points.

There are ten plus one legendary animals that are available to be discovered on the maps of Norway and England. You will see them marked as small light blue dots on your map before you find the real location.

Once you get close to them and use the Odin’s Sight to scan the area, all of them will switch their icons to a paw and let you know that it is the closed arena that you will have a legendary animal to hunt and defeat.

Where should you find the legendary animals in AC Valhalla?  

  • Elk of Bloody Peaks: Rygjafylke
Elk of Bloody Peaks-

Elk of Bloody Peaks is the first and the easiest one. This one is found in the starting region of Rygjafylke. You can just go to the southern mountains and find one next to a huge waterfall.

  • Black Shuck: East Anglia
Black Shuck-

The Black Shulk is the kind of fanatic wolf that you can find in the south east corner of East Anglia, pas Beodoricsworth. This one is considered as one of the easier Legendary Animals in the game called Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

  • The Corpse Feeders: Oxenefordscire
The Corpse Feeders

The Corpse Feeders are located in Oxenefordscire, north east of Buckingham and west of the synchronization point. They are a trio of dogs. Due to the fact that it is a three-on-one battle, using the Raven School Miasma skill is good. Dropping a poison cloud that gives significant effect to everyone with poison attacks when an opponent is killed is great.

  • Beast of the Hills: Sciropescire
Beast of the Hills-

To get the Beast of the Hill, slap bang in the middle of Sciropescire is the place that you want to go. For your information, he is hidden underground east of The Wrocken and west of Wenlocan Abbey. Please focus on the entrance on the side of the hill. As this specific place is indoors, you are encouraged to have enough arrows and rations.

  • Gemad-Wulf: Lincolnscire

The location of the Gemand Wolf is close to the south of Grimsby. It is near another blue dot on the map. This specific battle takes place in a nice big arena but the Gemand-Wulf brings a few friends to help him.

You are recommended to use the disposing of those as the thing to stock up several abilities and then allow them to lose on the Gemand Wulf in order to get him out of the way fast and get this head on the longhouse wall.

  • Aelfred’s Battle-Sow: Suthsexe
Aelfred’s Battle-Sow-

The Aelfred’s Battle-Sow is able to be found in the south west of Croindene in Suthesexe, next to the Tuicca’s Farm. You will have to remember that it is not the exact pig that you would expect from sow. This one is a really angry bull and it brings in all of its pen mates into the fight.

Actually, it does not need you to kill everything in the pen to win, even though the other horned creatures are useful for making a combo and filling your ability bar. It is better for you to focus on the big thing and then get him out of there once he is down and you will get the trophy that you can bring to Wallace at the hunter’s hut.

  • The Blood Swine: Eurvicscire
The Blood Swine-

You will be able to find the thing that everyone calls as a stinky pig in Bleasby Swamp, northeast of Repton. It is worth noting that the most dangerous attacks are damaging charge and an annoying move where it leaves dirt in your face. The good news is that the charge is well telegraphed, meaning you are able to pre-empt it and swoop in to deal the huge damage.

  • Bear of the Blue Waters: Hordafylke
Bear of the Blue Waters-

Bear of the Blue Waters, which is also more known as polar bear, is able to be found on a small island in Norway named Bolrikbjorn, west of Helskip.

  • Wildcats of the Weald: Hamtunscire
Wildcats of the Weald-

The nasty cats known as Wildcats of the Weald are able to be found in the Dark Weald, south west of Wincestre. To find a father and son Lynx duo who are out for blood, the thing that you need to do is to follow the trail of bodies. You are recommended to keep your eye on the father first to make everything a lot easier. Do not forget to watch out for every move.

  • Bonus: O Yan Do’Ne: Vinland
O Yan Do’Ne

You will have to go to Viland in order to find this scary Newfoundland moose. It is north of Tionontate: Ken. If you want to get there, you will have to finish the Lunden arc and talk to Hytham at the AC Valhalla Hidden Ones’ Bureau.

As you will also be stripped of all of your items in this location, it means you will have to get items from the local traders by buying them using leather, iron ore, and carbon ingots. Beware of its charge attack.

  • Bonus: Steinnbjorn: Jotunheim

The last mythical beast is located in the ice armoured bear in Jotunheim. Once you have completed the Asgard storyline, when you arrive in Jotunheim, the most difficult legendary animal is able to be found here.

This one is called Steinbjorn. It is directly north of the synchronization point. As stated before, this one is the hardest legendary animal in the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at power level 400, so it might need for you to do a bit of level grinding first before making an appearance at his gate.

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