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Aetna Vision Providers in Network

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Aetna Vision insurance plans seem to help the individuals to improve their vision health that is a key to whole health and improved productivity. The individuals who take the vision insurance plan will have freedom to not only take care of their vision needs, but also they will get their whole health in a simple benefits package.

After taking an Aetna Vision Insurance plan, you may need to find a provider nearby. In case of finding a provider nearby, Aetna is actually providing an in-network online providers system to make it easier for you. So, how to find Aetna vision providers in a network online system? Let’s see the guide below!

Finding Aetna Vision Providers in-Network Online System, Here’s How!

To find Aetna Vision Providers through Aetna’s in-network online system, you can visit this page. There are three methods that you can take to find Aetna vision providers, including:

1. Search by location

The first method to find a vision provider lets you use your location or zip code. To search an Aetna vision provider by location, you just simply click on the ‘Use My Location’ button. Then, the system will automatically start looking for the Aetna vision provider nearby. It may take a while, but you should wait until it brings you the results.

In addition to using your location, you can also enter your zip code on the ‘Zip Code’ bar. After entering your Zip code, you can then click on the ‘Search By Zip’ button. It may also take a while to bring you a list of Aetna vision providers. In the following page, it will bring you the results of Aetna Vision Providers list.

With Zip Code, you can filter your search by choosing some options including:

    • Languages spoken other than English
    • Hours and scheduling
    • Products
    • Gender
    • Brands
    • Specialty
    • Services

Once you choose all the options, you can click the ‘Filter Results’ option. After doing so, you can also clear the filters that you have used.

To make it easier for you to find the Aetna vision provider offline, you can also print the list of Aetna vision providers by clicking the ‘Print’ button next to Filters button. Aside from that, you can also send the result of Aetna vision providers list via email by clicking the ‘Email’ button and you can type the recipient email address in the available bar. Then, click the ‘Send Search Results’ button to start sending the list of Aetna vision providers.

2. Search by Name and ZIP

You can also try to find an Aetna vision provider by name and Zip. When you search a vision provider by name and Zip, you should ensure that you really know the doctor’s last name or office name.

If you really know it, you just type the doctor’s last name or office name in the available bar. After that, you can enter the Zip code in the available bar. Make sure to enter a valid 5 digit zip code or you can use location to search for it.

For more information, you can also use this search option to look for a specific eye doctor or retailer.

3. Online & Lasik

You can also click on the ‘Online & Lasik’ option to shop for glasses and contacts online. By clicking the option, there will be a bunch of online stores that you can visit to shop for glasses and contacts.

Then, if you are searching for a Lasik provider, you can just simply click the ‘Visit LasikDiscounts.com’ link to start finding the Lasik providers. Alternatively, you can also call them at 1-800-422-6600.

For more information, Aetna actually offers a lot of in-network online options including ContactsDirect.com, Glasses.com, Ray-Ban, LensCrafters, and Target Optical. So, you can take a consideration to take one of Aetna’s providers that have been mentioned.

To make it easier for you to search by provider, there are a number of tips and tricks that you can take, here are they:

    1. Make sure to enter your 5-digit zip code, as Aetna will take it from your Zip code.
    2. Better to use filters to narrow your results. After you see your search results, you are recommended to filter by brands that you love, hours, specific technology and many others.

It’s important to note, not all vision providers actually participate in every plan of Aetna or also offer all discounts and services on non-covered services. In other words, the services  you want may not be available through all providers or in all states.

If you have been enrolled yet in an Aetna Vision Preferred plan, you should keep in mind that your actual network probably varies from what appears on Aetna’s locator. Meanwhile, if you are an Aetna Vision Preferred member, you just simply log-in to get access to the exact list of available providers based on your specific network and plan.

Even if a provider is shown, we recommend you to call the provider’s customer support to confirm whether or not the provider actually accepts Aetna Vision Preferred Plan. The moment you choose ‘I Don’t Know’, it will bring you the search results that are based on Advantage Network.

What Are Benefits of Aetna Vision Preferred Insurance Plan?

Aetna Vision Preferred Insurance plan actually helps you keep up with your overall health. With the help of this insurance plan, you can always take routine eye exams performed to spot vision problems such as glaucoma, cataract and many others.

In this case, the exams will be able to detect signs of health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, even before symptoms appear. Furthermore, Aetna Vision Preferred will make it easy to take care of your eyes.

With Aetna Vision Preferred Insurance plan,  you will get a lot of features to keep your eyes healthy with a big discount offer where you do not have to pay it in full price. Here’s a list of special offers just for being an Aetna member:

    • Up to $50 off a purchase at major retailers
    • Up to 40% off additional pairs of glasses
    • LASIK eye surgery discounts
    • Discounts on acupuncture, chiropractic care, dental products, gym memberships, books, weight loss programs, auto, travel, dining electronics, and many more.

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