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ACNH: What Should I Change My Villagers Catchphrase to?

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During conversation, your villager will use a catchphrase that is commonly said towards the end of the sentences. Every villager on your island will ask you to change their catchphrases to a new one. Certainly, you can create the catchphrases, then give it to your villagers who ask you to change it.

You may wonder what you should do to change your villager’s default catchphrases to a new one. Then, how do you change your villager’s catchphrase for the better? If you’re still confused about changing your villager’s catchphrase, you can see some information about it in our post below. Here you go!

ACNH What Should I Change My Villagers Catchphrase to

What Should You Change Your Villager’s Catchphrase?

If a villager asks you to change their catchphrase, you may be confused about what you should do to change their catchphrases, as you may don’t want to disappoint your villagers if you select the bad catchphrases.

As far as we know, changing your villager’s catchphrases in Animal Crossing does not meet any requirements, as it is a random chance for them to ask for a new suggestion. What you may have to do is to change the previous/ default catchphrases into a better or catchy one.

Just like changing a nickname of your villager, you may be able to change your villager’s catchphrase in the same way. However, changing your villager’s catchphrases will last when your villagers ask you rather than prompt a conversation with them.

Another clue of changing your villager’s catchphrase is that your villagers should have relationship level 4 or more with you. If they have friendship level 3, they can adopt player-created catchphrases from other villagers.

It’s important to note, your villager’s catchphrases will not transfer if they were adopted from another island. If you switch the game’s language, it will automatically reset all catchphrases of your villagers that the language is changed back to.

If your villager wants you to change their catchphrases to a new one, they will walk slowly and also have a thought bubble above their head. Afterwards, they can perform it under some other circumstances, as they want to sell any items to you.

Depending on the characters used, there will not be a specific character limit to catchphrase. Up to 20 characters, a catchphrase can repeat the letter ‘i’. Up to 7 characters, a catchphrase will repeat the letter ‘m’. Last, other combinations of the letters will actually have a limit somewhere in between.

How to Change Your Villager’s Catchphrase?

Changing your villager’s catchphrase is pretty easy, as long as they firstly ask you to change their catchphrase. If you want to change your villager’s catchphrase, you just simply ask Isabelle to do so. You may need to talk to her that you can find at Resident Services. Keep in mind, it can be just performed if you don’t have Isabelle at your island yet.

But if you already have Isabelle on your island, you may be able to perform some steps below!

    • All you have to do is to speak with Isabelle.
    • After that, select the ‘Discuss a resident’ option.
    • You can then choose the villager who has a catchphrase that you want to change.
    • You can then speak with Isabelle that’s ‘the way he/she talks’.
    • In this step, you may need to repeat the process over several days. By doing this, it will encourage a new conversation with your villager over time where they ask a new catchphrase for suggestion.
    • You should know that there will be a chance to encourage your villager to ask if they need to leave. If it happens, you can speak with your villager to stay on your island.

That’s it! You successfully change your villager’s catchphrase to a new one. However, it may also allow you to have control over your villager’s catchphrase. As far as we know, Isabelle will not affect the use of their nicknames.

Last but not least, the catchphrases for your villagers can be obtained in the same way as nicknames. Aside from that, you can also use Catchphrase Generators to find a large number of catchphrases that you can use for your villagers in New Horizons.

Where to Find Catchphrases Ideas?

You may need to find a large number of catchphrase ideas that you can use to change your villager’s catchphrases. However, finding more catchphrase ideas is a must, as your villager will ask you to change their catchphrases anytime when you have friendship level 4 with them.

To find a large number of catchphrase ideas, you may need a Catchphrase Generator. This is a kind of tool that provides tons of catchphrase ideas, so you can choose a variety of catchphrases depending on your villager’s personality.

There are a bunch of generators that provide many catchphrase ideas, but not all of them are great for you. A lot of Animal Crossing players use ‘Sarahlizdettloff Generator’ to get many catchphrase ideas.

    • To get catchphrase ideas from this site, you just simply visit this site here.
    • After you click the link, it will bring you to the homepage of ‘Sarahlizdettloff Generator’ site.
    • Once you are at the site, you will see two generator options at the top menu, they are Catchphrase Generator and Greeting Generator.
    • Then, you have to click on the ‘Catchphrase’ menu, as you want to get catchphrase ideas,
    • By clicking the menu, it will bring you a Catchphrase Generator.
    • To get catchphrase ideas from this generator, click on the ‘Generate’ button and it will bring you one-by-one catchphrase ideas that are shown on the bubble.

That’s how to get catchphrase ideas from ‘Sarahlizdettloff Generator’. We’ll also give you a list of catchphrase ideas that you can use for your villagers. Here are they:

    • Unworthy
    • Pick it up
    • Too late
    • Peace out
    • Why I never
    • Hear me out
    • Giddy up
    • Good enough
    • Too soon
    • Aloha
    • Howdy
    • Good day
    • Morning
    • Up top
    • Howzit
    • What’s up
    • Darlin’
    • Honey
    • Sweetheart/Sweetie
    • Beautiful
    • Gorgeous
    • Bro
    • Buddy
    • Dude
    • Pal
    • Bestie
    • Cupcake
    • Sir/Ma’am
    • Nom nom
    • Okie dokie
    • OMG
    • Oof
    • Oopsie
    • O rly
    • Pew pew
    • Potato
    • Rawr
    • Real talk
    • Right on
    • Rock  on

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