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Do you know that there are Turnip Calculators? You are able to use it for guessing the turnip price fluctuations and as a turnip tracker. Where to find the turnip calculator? Also, how to use it? Let’s find out about turnip calculators here.

Where to find Turnip Calculator

There are some websites which provide a turnip calculator for you. Those are:

  • ac-turnip which can be accessed at here.
  • NookNet which can be accessed at here.
  • Game With which can be accessed at here.
  • Turnip Prophet which can be accessed at here.

How to Use Turnip Calculator

If you access Game With and use the Turnip Calculator there, you have to enter how much you bought Turnips for. According to the Game With website, here are the steps to use the Turnip Calculator on that site.

    • The first thing that you have to do is to enter the purchase price. If you can insert the exact price you purchased Turnips for on Sunday, the overall accuracy of this prediction will greatly increase. It is recommended for you to write down how much Turnips cost every Sunday. It is done to improve your results.
      Enter The Purchase Price
    • After that, you have to enter daily sell values. After you buy Turnips, you need to begin to log the sell price of Turnips at Nook’s Cranny. You have to do this twice every day. If you enter more, the prediction will be better. If you are missing one or two entries, it is still possible to get a prediction.
      Enter Daily Sell Values
    • It is important for you to know that data which has been inputted to this tool is automatically saved in the browser. Let’s say that you close this page. Then, you will not need to enter the information again later.
    • Now, you have to check the fluctuation patterns. After you click on the Calculator button, some projected price patterns will be gotten by you based on the prices that you inputted above. Let’s say that there are multiple possible patterns. If so, all will be shown. The fluctuations for every pattern will also be shown in the area simultaneously. If you click on the chart, you can check the full range of possible Turnips Prices for that particular day.
      Check The Fluctuation Patterns
    • If you find that you cannot have a projection generated by the calculator, it happens probably because of a simple lack of information or there is something wrong with the data that you entered. So, you have to make sure to enter accurate prices from Nook’s Cranny which you have checked by yourself.

If you use the Turnip Calculator in the ac-turnip.com, you have to enter the buy price value where it is that of your own island. If you purchased turnips on another island, it does not matter. It is important for you to note that prices change twice a day and you have to make sure that you log them. Your data is saved on your device. What is the Guaranteed Min value? The meaning is that you will see at least this price at some point of the week.

The turnip calculator in the NookNet is also the same as the ac-turnip site.

Tracking Your Turnips Prices by Using Turnip Calculator

According to IGN, the Animal Crossing Community did some data mining efforts. So, the code that governs turnip prices in Animal Crossing New Horizons was released online. This data then is used by coders to create calculators that can predict Turnip prices fairly accurately.

In an article on IGN site, it is explained that Turnip Prophet and Turnip Calculator at ac-turnip are two most popular turnip tracking apps online. Basically, they use similar information. It depends on which UI you prefer. In both cases, you are able to enter the price when you bought your turnips on Sunday. After that, you have to enter the selling price on your islands twice each day for a price prediction.

After that, the algorithm will count the trend your Stalk Market is on and you will be given a range of potential sale prices for the week. If you use these tools, you are able to tell as early as Monday if the price of your turnips goes to the high hundreds or they are set to drop below the market value.

Getting Turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Getting Turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Do you want to get into the turnip trade? If so, you have to make sure that you are available on Sunday mornings. Every Sunday, the turnip seller named Daisy Mae will be available on your island from 5 am to 12 pm as long as you have opened Nook’s Cranny. You are able to buy as many turnips as you can from her. If you do not find her, you may be able to try to look for her behind some trees. She is so small that it is possible to miss her.

It is important for you to know that she only sells turnips in bundles of 10. It means that you will lose your Bells fast when you are shopping with her. So, you have to make sure to save a lot of Bells before she comes on Sunday morning. It is also important for you to know that you are not able to plant turnips and you cannot eat them.

Finding a Good Turnip Price

According to the IGN site, here is the explanation about finding a good turnip price. Now, finding a good turnip price is easy. You can check it from The Animal Crossing subreddit where usually it is filled with players who advertise their turnip prices. There are also a lot of homegrown Discord servers and Slack channels where players share the prices of their turnip with friends. If you search for turnips on Twitter, you can find a player who is open to letting strangers on their islands.

If you let other players onto your island, it can be a troublesome process. There is a service named Turnip Exchange where it can do a good job of streamlining the process. This is also the best way to handle strangers who try to enter your island to sell their turnips. It works where there is a host who can create a queue for their island which will share their Dodo Code with players who are organized into a virtual line.

The code will only be shared with a limited number of players at a time. So, players have time to sell their turnips and leave while preventing too many players from trying to fly to the island at one time.

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