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About Roll20 Map Assets

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In this page we are going to talk about Map Assets in Roll20. If you come to this page to find out more information related to Roll20 Map Assets, you are able to read this article until the end. Make sure you do not miss any information.

Map Assets

Though we do not recommend making entire custom maps in Roll20, it is really easy to make significant additions such as adding some extra trees, or a campsite. You are able to click here to browse all of your map assets. Actually in general, the scale of those assets is not important.

We suggest you to go with whatever looks right and then fits the grid conveniently. Next, placing them on the Map and Background layer unless they are something which will likely move.

Of course, you are able to find many maps for Roll20. For example, on Pinterest, there are lots of Roll20 maps you can use. If you want to check out all, simply you are able to go to Pinterest.

About Roll20 Map Assets

Online Mapmaking Tools

You may also want to try making map. Here are some online map making tools which you are able to use to make maps for Roll20.

  • Mapper RPG. This is a Battle map editor with sprites bank.
  • INKARNATE. It is online map making tool.
  • Dave’s Mapper. This is a fantasy and sci-fi map creator.
  • Donjon. Both Dungeon map and general stuff generator (towns, calendars, encounters, NPC, traps, treasures…)
  • DunGen. This is a free and high resolution Dungeon Generator. It makes maps at 70 px per tile and under 5mb to import into Roll20 directly. Now, it can generate Dynamic Lighting automatically.
  • DungeonFog. This is Vector-based online mapmaker (Free and Premium) shareable maps & export for the game of Roll20.
  • Dungeon Painter Online. This is an online map making tool by Pyromancer.
  • GM Friend. This is Map Making Tool with subhexes and random generation.
  • HexTML. This is hex map maker with submaps.
  • Medieval Fantasy City Generator. It is a dynamic city map generator.
  • Mipui. This is simple and fast grid-based mapper.
  • RPG Map Editor II by deepnight.
  • Tiamat The Tile Mapper.
  • 5 Free Online Room Design Software. This really useful for modern games.

Mapmaking Software

Or, you may want to try making map using Mapmaking Software. Here are some Mapmaking Softwares which you are able to use to make maps for Roll20.

  • Worldographer. It generate or make from scratch world/kingdom maps, city/village maps, and dungeon/battlemat maps.
  • Campaign Cartographer 3. This is Windows mapmaking software.
  • WonderDraft. This is map-making software for any x64 operating system (Windows 10, MacOSX and linux)
  • Arcane Mapper.
  • Dungeon Painter Studio.
  • Illwinter’s Floorplan Generator Steam
  • MapForge. This is Windows and MacOS mapmaking software.
  • GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). This is a free alternative to PhotoShop.

Uploading a map to Roll20

  • At first, you are able to download and unzip your desired map to your computer. For note: A map is a JPG or PNG.
  • After that, switch to the Map and Background layer.
  • Assets placed on this layer can appear beneath Roll20’s grid overlay, that is exactly what you need for a battle map.
  • Now, you are able to drag and drop the map from your hard drive into the Roll20 browser window to import it onto your current page and layer.
  • Please set the map dimensions by right clicking the image and navigating to Advanced -> Set Dimensions in the menu that appears. Next, you have to choose Units and enter the desired width and height. Please click Set to confirm.
  • Refer to step two in Setting up a new page if you are not sure what a map’s dimensions are.
  • Lastly, click and drag the resized map so that it fits within the confines of the page.

Art Packs

You have to know that Art Packs are collections of images for use in Roll20. Those include maps, tokens, tiles, and portrait images. After buying your Art Pack, a purple button is going to appear offering the option to make game. Clicking the button will be able to take you directly to the Create a New Game page. After that, you are able to make a new game as Art Packs are created available in the Premium Assets section of the Art Library in the VTT immediately after buying. All packs are going to be separated alphabetically into folders by name. Those folders and images do not count towards your account’s image quota.

The users are able to select to make their pack available to download outside of Roll20. If this option is enabled, there is going to be a blue Download Complete Set button available on their Marketplace listings. Clicking on this button will be able to download the entire art package as a single compressed ZIP file. The images contained in the ZIP file will be in PNG or JPG file formats.


A Bundle is a group of multiple Marketplace items that assembled together in a convenient one-time-purchase package. Once you are on a Bundle’s marketplace listing, all the available content which comes with it is going to be listed under the phrase. If there is downloadable content, these will be available on the individual Marketplace item listings rather than on the Bundle’s listing page. The access for those individual items are going to behave exactly in the same fashion as similar item type singular products.

Art Pack Troubleshooting

By the way, where to find your Art Pack? If you are unable to find a particular art asset, please be sure that the correct filter option in your Art Library is selected. The options available are: Tokens: Maps, Tiles, and Textures: Portraits and also everything. In other case, if you still have trouble, you are able to submit a help request and they are going to try and resolve your problem as quickly as possible.

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