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About PS5 Redirect Error

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You may want to know about the PS5 Redirect error. It is because you may experience this thing, but you do not know how to fix this error. Well, I tried to find the information about the PS5 Redirect error, but I did not find the information about the methods about how to fix this error.

Instead, I found someone on Game FAQs GameSpot site who asked about this. There is a user named Jdsmart and he told that he was new to try to get a PS5. He then also said that he tried to get one through the Sony Direct. He got into the queue and it said over an hour to wait. He waited a bit and watched the bar fill up a bit. After 20 minutes or so, he said that it got down to like 5 minutes to wait. Then, those 5 minutes went by and eventually the screen said it was loading the page to buy PS5s. All of sudden, he got an error message which said:

“Used Queue number

You have been redirected before using this queue number”

He thought that it was weird, but there was a link to get a new place in line. He clicked it and now it told him that he had around 12 minutes to wait. He waited and watched the bar fill up. Soon, it was time for him to get redirected to the store when another error message popped up.

“Rejected queue number

There has been an error, and your queue number has been rejected. We reported this issue and apologize for any inconvenience.”

He found this very strange and once again clicked the link to get back into line. This time the line was shorter. After he got through he received the original error message. He got back into line and this time the wait was just a few second. Then, he received the second error message. However, he did this a few more times, but he kept getting one of the error messages again and again. Finally, he gave up for a bit and he checked again about 10 minutes later.

This time, he got this message:  “Event has ended. Thanks for being a loyal customer.”

He then asked on GameFAQs board about the meaning of these messages and whether he did something wrong or not.

However, on that board, no one gives advice for this problem. A user named boomstickbhg recommended him to contact Sony or whoever runs the direct page.

So, if you also face the issue like explained above, it is better for you to contact Direct PS, Sony or other customer services related to it. So, your problem will be solved by them.

About PS5 Redirect Error

Things to Know About Purchasing a PS5 Console

If you want to buy a PS5 console, you need to have a PSN account and you have to be signed in on direct.playstation.com. However, it is important for you to know that as explained on Direct PlayStation site that because of high demand PS5 consoles are limited to 1 per household.

If you receive a Sold Out message when you are trying to buy a PS5 console, it means that all available PS5 consoles have been sold.

If you receive an invite to buy a PS5, you may wonder how you are selected to receive an invitation. Well, the selection is based on previous interests and PlayStation activities.

If you live outside the United States, you may wonder whether you are able to buy it or not. According to the Direct PlayStation site, at this time, only customers with a billing and shipping address located in the United States may buy from direct.playstation.com.

To buy a PS5, you have to verify your age. The reason is because to buy it with direct.playstation.com, you need to be of legal age for your state and if you accidentally clicked on ‘Cancel’ during the age verification step, you will have to clear the cookies of your browser or you have to open up an incognito/ private window to restart your shopping experience.

Let’s say that you receive the error which says that you cannot purchase these items at this time. If so, the thing that you are able to do is to clear the cache or cookies of your browser, reload the webpage and then you are able to try again.

If you click on the Sign In or Register button on direct.playstation.com and you find that nothing happens, the thing that you have to do is clear the cache or cookies of your browser and then you have to reload the webpage and try again. You can also verify that you are using a supported browser. And you can try signing in using a different device.

Here are web or mobile browsers which are supported on direct.playstation.com.

    • Google Chrome (versions 71 and later)
    • Mozilla Firefox (versions 64 and later)
    • Safari (versions 11 and up)
    • Microsoft Edge (versions 43 and later)
    • Native Mobile browsers

As explained above that if you receive an error message, you can clear your browser’s cookies. But, how to do that? For Chrome users, you can clear your browser’s cookies like this.

    • First, you have to open the Settings menu and it can be done by choosing the Three-Dot icon, or by entering “chrome://settings/”.
    • Then, you have to choose “Privacy” on the left and then you have to open Clear Browsing Data.
    • Then, you have to make sure Cookies are chosen and then you need to press the Clear Data button below.

If you are Firefox users, you are able to clear your browser’s cookies as explained below.

    • First, you have to choose the three-line ‘hamburger’ icon and then you have to choose “Settings”, “Options” or “Preferences”.
    • Then, you need to choose Privacy on the left (computer browsers) or you can scroll down to Privacy and choose Data Management.
    • After that, in the Cookies and Site Data section, you have to click on the “Clear Data…”.
    • You have to make sure that Cookies are chosen and then you have to press the Clear button below.

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